& the law schools with the lowest LSAT Scores

The LSAT scores are the criteria to measure the prominence of the aspiring lawyers seeking admissions to the top cadre law schools. However, the bunch of about 40 reputed law schools and even the T-14s, are now accepting GRE scores for the admissions, which has eventually lowered the influence of LSAT scores. The difficulty level of the LSAT exam and the toughness of the exam pattern acting as the barrier for the students to score well on this exam to get admissions in the reputed law schools remain unchanged and you’ve to do all Preparation in 1-2 Year Advance with best lsat prep books.

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The U.S. News & World Report have brought various observations that show that the average median score in the LSAT, for the aspiring law students in the year 2018 was 156. The results are based on the records from about 192 top ranking law schools. Among these law schools, eleven have managed to retain or gain the top rankings and here the average LSAT score is found to be about ‘171’.

For an aspiring candidate looking to become a lawyer through the top notch law schools in the US, the scores on the LSAT exam is the most important criteria to evaluate his or her candidature. The attempt to rank the reputed institutions through the U.S. News, is for availing a clear insight for the students and their parents. This research and evaluation can help the aspiring students to plan out their educational motives accordingly.

Eventually, the Law School Admission Council administers and conducts the LSAT. Five sections based on objective type questions, where the students need to select the correct answers out of the provided options and another section where 35 marks of writing assessment is involved; would be included in the exam. The range of the performance of the full time law students varies from LSAT scores of 120 to 180.

Based on the survey of the law schools in the US, the average LSAT score throughout the nation was 156 in the year 2018. The top ranking law schools bear the average LSAT score of 171.

Let us take a glance at the top schools who have made to this list:

Name of the law school & state Median LSAT Score in 2018 Ranking as per U.S. News
Harvard University, Massachusetts 173 3
Yale University (CT) 173 1
Columbia University, New York 172 5
Stanford University (California) 171 2
University of Chicago 171 4
New York University 170 6
University of Pennsylvania 170 7
Duke University 169 10 (tie)
Northwestern University (Pritzker) (IL) 169 10 (tie)
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor 169 9
University of Virginia 169 8


With the LSAT score of 173, the Harvard & Yale University have raised to the top position.

The top ranking law schools in the country possess the best LSAT scores as well, which is seems to be quite natural. However, the surprising part is about the lowest ranked law schools in the country.

Appalachian, Southern & Texas Southern are the law schools with the lowest median LSAT score of 144 in 2018. With the lowest LSAT score of 142, the Cooley Law managed to get at least some rank in the survey. With its 25th percentile LSAT score of 139, it would have won the award for the law school with the lowest median LSAT ranking for the full time law students in the country.

How do you evaluate your law schools in comparison with these law schools?

The reliability of the data provided through the reputed magazine U.S. News lies in their efforts to study about 201 law schools in the country in a systematic and well-planned manner. The data were collected through the law schools based on their records regarding the programs and the performance of the students.

So, the data collected to rank the law schools was collected through a widespread territory and a prolonged duration as well. Even if the results are brought down to a smaller scale based on the territories or time frame, the rankings would be accurate in all respects.

As another attempt to provide the data with the great deal of precision, the magazine now plans to provide data to the students and parents regarding the areas where the law schools perform well; so that they can choose the right law school according to their aspirations.