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See below for how we used both open data and open source to build

Open Data relies on open data about Members of Congress and votes in Congress, which you can use to build your own open government hacks. We get information on bills in Congress and members of Congress from these open data projects:

Open Source

We’re on github. Our organization name is @if-then-fund.

Here are some open source projects we created or contribute to at


Simplify the sending of HTML-format emails combining HTML Email Boilerplate and the CSS inliner pynliner, for Django 1.7.


A Django 1.7 app for email address confirmations. Originally by @vinta and extended by @if-then-fund.


Django 1.7 middleware that makes it easy to split each page request into one stream marked as being cachable at the HTTP server and a second non-cached AJAX stream for fetching user-specific content.

We’re also thankful for the opportunity to make use of Django, stripe/jquery.payment, Bootstrap, and jQuery.