We are reshaping Congress by empowering small dollar donors to make contributions based on what politicians do — not what they promise.

Our representatives need two things — votes and money — to get into office. Votes actually elect them, but they need money to reach their voters. Once in office, their decisions on legislation affect all of us. Their votes in Congress are our best opportunity for us to evaluate their performance and decide if we want to keep them in or throw them out. While we can only vote for one representative and two senators, we can contribute to all of them, and their opponents, to shape the next Congress.

How it works

You find upcoming votes in Congress about which you have an opinion. Using if.then.fund, you can then help keep in office members of Congress who vote your way (by scheduling a donation to support their re-election) and get rid of those who vote against you (by funding their next opponent).

Until the vote occurs, we don’t reveal to anyone what actions our users are taking. After the vote, we’ll charge your card and split your contribution based on your instructions — even down to 1¢ per candidate if needed.

Please refer to our how it works details for more information.

Why we’re doing this

By targeting real outcomes and aggregating donations to all members of Congress and their opponents, we hope to raise the tide of small-donor supporters and shift the balance of power to shape Congress away from concentrated wealth.

Read our theory of change and legal background for more details.


Jonathan Zucker, co-founder

Jonathan Zucker is a campaign finance attorney and political technology entrepreneur. He is the founder & CEO of Democracy Engine, a donation processing platform that specializes in executing complex political contributions in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Prior to Democracy Engine, he was executive director of ActBlue. He has authored or consulted on several FEC Advisory Opinions. He is also an advisor and counsel to Crowdpac and co-founder and COO of Ruck.us. He holds a J.D. from Georgetown University. extended bio

Joshua Tauberer, co-founder

Joshua Tauberer is a civic hacker, entrepreneur, and expert in government transparency and accountability. His GovTrack.us project, which launched in 2004, helps millions of individuals track and understand the activities of the U.S. Congress, and it was the first website to create open data for Congress.

He is also the author of Open Government Data: The Book, is an organizer of the yearly Open Data Day DCconference, and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania. homepage