Defunding the Affordable Care Act

Defunding the Affordable Care Act

The incoming GOP Congress's repeal-first approach to remaking American healthcare

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to Defund the ACA
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What’s at issue?

With the Republicans in control of the House, the Senate, and now the presidency, they’re finally in a position to make good on their campaign promise for the last 7 years: Repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with an alternative approach to healthcare.

In the opening weeks of 2017, they're moving quickly to deliver on that promise. Senate Concurrent Resolution 3 fast-tracks defunding of large chunks of the ACA using reconciliation, a tool that will allow Republicans to move the bill through Congress without facing a Democratic filibuster. It’s already through the Senate, and now it’s passed the House.

So eager are Congressional Republicans to roll back President Obama's signature legislation that they've opted to move forward with its repeal before settling on a single, legislative replacement to advance in the House and Senate. For supporters of this approach, such as House Speaker Paul Ryan, "Obamacare" is so broken that a "rescue mission" to repeal it immediately would have more benefits for the American people—through reduced premiums and more flexible coverage—than costs. For its opponents, which include virtually every House and Senate Democrat, the move would produce chaos in health insurance markets and send tens of millions of Americans insured under the ACA into the abyss.

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